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Experian Hunter

Prevent application fraud across all channels

Customers making an application want the best service but also want to be protected against fraudsters and identity theft. Experian Hunter is ideal to prevent application fraud for any organisation that deals with application fraud data across multiple channels.

Introducing Experian Hunter

The first and best strategy to reduce fraud losses is prevention, identifying and stopping fraudsters at the point of application. Using proven detection rules, Hunter screens for, and highlights potentially fraudulent applications, enabling fraudsters to be stopped before they become a customer, increasing fraud savings and assisting in management and control of bad debt.

Hunter matches the application data against multiple data sources including your fraud data as well as shared fraud databases, mortality data and dedicated ‘watch lists’. It uses customised rules to cross-match data sources to highlight inconsistencies, as well as matching it to known fraud data. The results are measured to give a level of fraud risk. The suspicious applications are moved into the investigation tool for further analysis and action.

Who’s Hunter for?

Hunter is ideal for any organisation that are looking to prevent fraud at the point of application, but yet not disrupting the on-boarding experience of genuine customers.

Customers making an application want the best service but also want to be protected against fraudsters and identity theft. You have to balance protection while giving your genuine customers the best decision in the shortest possible time.

Hunter gives you accurate application fraud protection for your customers and business to help deliver an uninterrupted experience to genuine customers.

Designed to be highly configurable, the system can be used for all types of financial services application fraud across multiple products and channels.

Combining a rules-driven business engine with intuitive investigative tool, Hunter supports a continuous cycle of fraud prevention, detection, investigation and improvement.

To find out more about how Hunter can work for your business, contact us today.

What Hunter Delivers?

Prevent fraud at the point for application
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Identify and monitor for fraudulent behaviour within existing customer records
Screen new applications for suspicious activities from multiple peer organisations
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Improve on-boarding experience for genuine customers
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