For every business today, the focus is on growth – recouping lost opportunities and improving market share by racing to acquire high-value customers. But how do you accelerate the application process and achieve those goals in an era where risk is fluid, and accuracy and immediacy are everything?

Onboard Customers faster with PowerCurve Customer Acquisition

As more organizations move to digital onboarding journeys, they require solutions that are fast, scalable and flexible to integrate across various data sets without incurring huge capitals.

PowerCurve Customer Acquisition enables rapid yet precise lending decisions that drive greater loan volumes while keeping risk and acquisition costs in check. Our new, streamlined decisioning tool instantly collects customer information, and processes it with a range of credit, fraud and internal data, creating a comprehensive and accurate view of each applicant. It then applies advanced analytics and automated decisions to help you quickly acquire the right customers – and easily avoid the ones who don’t meet your risk appetite.

Experian PowerCurve Customer Acquisition - How it works?


How will you benefit?

Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, PowerCurve Customer Acquisition is safe, secure and simple to implement.

Low upfront costs

Get up and running with minimum investment and pay for the service as you use it.

Seamless integration

No-fuss connectivity with your current IT, thanks to cloud-based technology.

Out-of-the-box usability

Pre-designed decisioning templates allow simple plug and play.

Extensive configurations

Tailor to your business requirements with simple-to-configure parameters, policy rules, and segments, all within a best practice framework.

High-level security

Customer data is secured in an enterprise-grade system that conforms to the highest standards.

Manage risk and enhance experiences

Manage credit risk and fraud more effectively – and satisfy compliance demands, while also enhancing your customer experience.

Easy to use

Intuitively simple to use with minimum training.

End-to-end solution

Combining Experian's best-in-class decisioning with rich and adaptive Ul provides the ideal end-to-end solution for a frictionless journey that will help you acquire more customers and onboard them faster.


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