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Experian CrossCoreTM

The first smart, open API platform to manage all your fraud & identify services

In today’s dynamic market conditions, businesses need to be agile enough to respond to evolving fraud trends and threats. Implementing a point-solution for each new fraud threat creates silos and is difficult to manage.

CrossCore is an integrated identity and fraud platform that enables you to connect, access, and orchestrate decisions across multiple solutions. Now you can consolidate numerous fraud risk signals into a single, holistic assessment to stay ahead of fraudsters and protect your customers across multiple digital journeys.

Who is it for?

CrossCore is for organizations that want to cut complexity and cost associated with managing their identity and fraud solutions, while improving fraud detection, increasing efficiency and offering a friction-free customer journey.

Advantages of CrossCore

  • A one-point solution for access authentication, identity proofing and fraud detection for faster business decisions
  • Increase operational efficiencies by using a single platform to manage various fraud applications including Hunter, Device Intelligence and Email risking with flexible workflows. It is also backed by power of Experian’s rich data assets including Experian’s data-partner ecosystem, fraud prevention solutions and is supported with a layer of advanced analytics

  • Identify customers through advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and behavioral biometrics.
  • Layer fraud and identity solutions to mitigate account opening fraud, account takeover, and transactional fraud

  • Make real-time fraud prevention decisions and provide superior customer experience
  • Upgrade your fraud ecosystem immediately with quick implementation through flexible and scalable API connectivity to the cloud architecture

  • Decrease manual review costs and fraud losses

How Experian CrossCore Works

Crosscore Platform

With Experian’s CrossCore platform the possibilities are limitless. You get the power of Experian’s strong fraud management expertise with advance AI/ML based analytics, Experian’s partner network having cutting edge technology and you can also integrate your own data, rule engine, fraud products to get a decision in a matter of a few seconds. This operational efficiency not only helps in delivering a great customer experience but also ensures that you deliver safer and faster decisions with confidence. By implementing the most advanced fraud prevention solution in the industry, you benefit from a healthier business portfolio and at the same time also save costs.


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