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Customer Management Strategies

Stay ahead of evolving customer needs

Experian makes it easier for organisations to create dynamic customer behavioural profiles to drive decisions that are timely and relevant throughout the customer journey.

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Comprehensive portfolio management reduces risk while maximising profits

Identify new opportunities, reach your most profitable customers, and establish best practices to manage relationships. Experian offers a variety of tools, including data and portfolio management systems and reporting software, to help you gain a full view of your customers’ credit activity and behavior so that you can market the right products at the right time to valued customers and decrease your liability with your risky customers.This is all made possible with PowerCurve™ Customer Management.

PowerCurveTM Customer Management – How it works?

PowerCurveTM Customer Management creates a unique profile for each customer, encompassing their entire relationship with your organisation. This dynamic profile can include scores and metrics for risk, profitability, propensity to pay and lifetime value.

The PowerCurve platform makes it easy to incorporate new data sources that further enrich profiles. This comprehensive customer view is key to accurately identifying your most valuable customers and those with potential to become more valuable. It’s also vital to create powerful segmentation schemes that drive personalisation across all of the customer’s interactions.

We can help you maximise profits with your highest value customers, with the right product at the right time. Contact our Experian sales representative today.

How Experian can help?

Increase take-up rates with relevant offers
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Free staff off to focus on sales and customer retention
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Focus resources on highest value customers
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Reduce bad debt levels and manage overall exposure
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