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Experian FraudNet

Comprehensive and frictionless online fraud detection

Every consumer touch point presents an opportunity for business, but also a potential vulnerability. Online criminals have made it their goal to find new ways of exploiting digital vulnerabilities to remain anonymous. Often, criminal organisations blend in to look like a most valued customer and compromise legitimate accounts. Effective online fraud management should be about making the customer journey easy and fraud inroads hard.

Introducing Experian FraudNet

To catch a criminal, you have to think like one. Based on this premise, FraudNet was specifically designed to leverage state-of-the-art device detection to deliver a comprehensive, frictionless fraud management solution that protects the customer experience in the midst of rising fraud threats. FraudNet’s multi-layered approach deploys quickly and can be easily tailored to view suspicious events, make informed decisions, and perform link analysis to quickly recognise multiple events with common themes.

Designed to detect fraud as well as fast-track trusted customers, FraudNet recognises consumers through understanding their digital device interactions across multiple channels. It is a scalable, risk assessment and intervention solution that is cost-effective for reducing fraud and allowing legitimate transactions.

Who’s FraudNet for?

FraudNet is ideal for any organisation relying on online transactions and/or accepting applications through digital channels.

Whether you are a bank, retailer, financial institutions or any business dependent on digital channels for customer acquisition and transactions, FraudNet offers an online fraud management solution that speeds good customers along while making fraud inroads hard.

FraudNet identifies every device visiting to highlight fraud indicators including inconsistencies and transaction volume and velocity from a single device.

It can differentiate individual devices regardless of past activity, credentials presented or the connection used, which can often be spoofed.

To find out more about how FraudNet can work for your business, contact us today.

What FraudNet Delivers?

Fraud capture rates that exceed industry averages
Shield with tick
Avoid interruptions to genuine applicants by accurately identifying fraud indicators and level of risk
Process with tick at the end
Track a fraudster’s activities across multiple unrelated accounts
People in target
Improve operational efficiency by reducing manual security checks
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