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By The Financial Express 15/10/2020

43% consumers saw household income drop during Covid: Experian

Close to half of Indian consumers — 43% — indicated that their household income had declined since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, credit bureau Experian said on Wednesday. To deal with their changed financial circumstances, consumers have changed their behavioural patterns, cutting down on discretionary spends and setting aside more funds for emergencies.

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By Outlook Money 31/07/2020

Indians Welcome Change In Customer Experience

The consumers are changing their approach and increasing their interest and awareness regarding the value of the information they provide to the businesses. 69 per cent of Indian consumers believe that the gradual change in the trajectory of customer experience is seen due to the result of their data being used, says one of the leading credit bureaus Experian in its 2020 Global Identity & Fraud Report.

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By Express Computer 24/06/2020

69% of Indian consumers believe their data is valuable to businesses says Experian 2020 Global Identity & Fraud Report

Experian recently released the Experian 2020 Global Identity & Fraud Report. One of the key findings is that consumers seem to have a heightened awareness about the value of their information with about 69% of Indian consumers saying they like the changes being made to the customer experience as a result of their data being used.

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By Firstpost 27/03/2020

RBI announces repo rate cut, liquidity easing measures; economy requires stimuli, say analysts welcoming move

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das's announcement of rate cuts, forbearance on loans and liquidity easing measures were welcomed by analysts who said the economy requires stimuli in the present circumstances. Some of them also said that the RBI may have to deepen the rate cut if the COVID-19 crisis prolongs.

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By Hindustan Times 28/01/2020

Reimagining talent for today’s digital era

In an increasingly tech-centric environment, employee expectations are changing rapidly. Talent management, as a result, is now completely different from what it was just a few years ago. So how does an organisation transform its talent strategy to thrive in the digital age? This was the focus of the latest edition of Talent Talks, Shine.com’s marquee event that witnesses the confluence of renowned human resource HR leaders.

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